Be part of the most thrilling beachfront development in Batangas...

As we continue to offer the next generation in beach communities, we are excited to present to you Playa Laiya. 

The development is the fourth in a series of Landco’s ground breaking seaside communities, following the world class Peninsula de Punta Fuego, Terrazas de Punta Fuego, and Playa Calatagan.

Situated on the south-easternmost tip of Batangas, Playa Laiya’s 1.5 km shoreline traces the gateway of the 7 km Laiya coast in San Juan Batangas.

One no longer has to travel to a far-away island to enjoy surf, sun and sea at a world-class beach resort. The luxurious beach at Playa Laiya leisure community in San Juan Batangas is the perfect beachside residence and leisure destination to go with family and friends… it’s only two hours and 30 minutes away from Metro Manila.


Over the last 10 years, Laiya has grown into an active beach strip mirroring the famous Boracay:

- A "walkable" strip with fine white sand, Laiya now offers a range of lifestyle choices from roughing it out style to boutique hotel experiences.

- The existing high demand for lodging will only increase in the coming years.

- Expenditure per tourist per night is generally on the high side.



Landco unveiled Playa Laiya - Landco's newest amenity, the Hilltop Clubhouse at Phase 2J (Valley Lots), in a ribbon cutting ceremony and selling event last March 30, 2019.

Playa Laiya's Valley Lots provide a captivating view of Mount Lobo, Mount Daguldol and the Sigayan Bay. It has a market value of PhP 14,000 to PhP 24,000 per sqm.


Located at the most prime area of the beachfront.

The Beach Club is a private oasis for lot owners. Here, you can treat your family to a hearty meal, take a dip into the infinity pool, sunbath or simply enjoy a stroll along the beach.

The Walkway

Welcome Center Lobby

Shower Room and Changing Area

Lap Pool, Kiddie Pool, Jacuzzi and Cabanas

Unauthorized use and or duplication of photos with watermarks is strictly prohibited.

Unauthorized use and or duplication of photos with watermarks is strictly prohibited.

The BEACH CLUBHOUSE features adult and kiddie pool, jacuzzi, beach side cabanas, a bath house facility, event gardens, picnic area, drop-off point and grand walkway, a welcome center and a multi-purpose hall.


The Beach Park highlights Playa Laiya's holistic ambiance of a tropical, practical, rustic and laid-back design. An exclusive amenity for lot owners and their guests to experience fun, leisure, picnic and relaxation featuring the unique concept of "Cabanas".

The BEACH PARK is the only beachfront amenity available which is within the residential area. It is an alternate destination for lot owners who are seeking a more laid back beach experience and commune with nature.
-Boardwalk traversing the natural Mangrove
-Central Pavilion with bathhouse
 (similar to the existing Bathhouse at the Clubhouse)
-Beachfront Cabanas
-Beach volleyball field and beach futsal pitch
 (convertible to event area)
-Parking slots


Things you can enjoy at


Phase 1:
        - Nature Park and Access to Leisure Tourism  Estate
        - Ready to accept house construction
        - Features several landscaped islands

Phase 2:
       - Some phases ready for House Construction
       - Value for Money
       - Premium due to proximity to the Hilltop Pavilion

Phase 3:
       - Premier phase of Playa Laiya; close proximity to the beach and Leisure                  
         Tourism Estate
       - Features two nearby amenities; The Beach Park and Nature Park

Phase 4:

         - Super Premier Phase of Playa Laiya. 30 meters to 80 meters away from
        the beach. 
      - Has its own main clubhouse. Exclusive for phase 4 lot owners. 
      - Pre-selling stage.


Land Development Completed
  • Phase 1A - 100% complete
  • Phase 1B - 100% complete
  • Phase 1C - 100% complete
  • Phase 1D - 100% complete
  • Phase 2A - 100% complete
  • Phase 2B - 100% complete
  • Phase 2C - 100% complete
  • Phase 2D - 100% complete
  • Phase 2E - 100% complete
  • Phase 2F - 100% complete
  • Phase 2G - 100% complete
  • Phase 2H - 100% complete
  • Phase 2I - 80% complete
  • Phase 2J - Pre-selling
  • Phase 3A - 100% complete
  • Phase 3B - 100% complete
  • Phase 3C - 100% complete
  • Phase 3D - 100% complete
  • Phase 3E - 100% complete
  • Phase 3F - 90% complete
  • Phase 4 East (SUPER PRIME) - Pre-selling 
  • Phase 4 West (SUPER PRIME) - Launching July 2019



Enjoy the amenities of all leisure projects of Landco once become a lot owner of Playa Laiya.

Master-planned exclusive seaside residential community built around a leisure-tourism estate in San Juan, Batangas.

  • RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY - designed for both exclusivity and convenience. Village amenities complete a destination where every member of the family can truly enjoy.
  • LEISURE-TOURISM ESTATE - envisioned as a top-notch commercial hub where locators are invited to build hotels, resorts, restaurants and shops to complement the exciting beach lifestyle.


Offers a total beachfront of 1.5km fine, cream colored natural sand.

( Asian Tropical Contemporary ) 

Rustic Asian Tropical with a touch of Contemporary
Live in your own specially rendered leisure escape where rusticity meets modernity, sophistication blends with simplicity, and serenity complements with energy. Design your own simple yet cozy beach house that’s just a stone’s throw away from the majestic Laiya beach and the 44-hectare commercial area.
The Playa Laiya Community is uniquely Asian Tropical with a touch of contemporary perfectly exuding a sophisticated yet leisurely persona combining class with a “let your hair down” atmosphere.

Playa Laiya Fact Sheet
Extensive beachfront - 1.5 kilometer out of 7 kilometers Laiya coast
* One of the best beaches in Batangas
* Spectacular mountain views
* 2 hours and 30 minutes from Metro Manila, 1 hour from Lipa City and San Pablo
* Located at the national highway
* Prime gateway location in the Laiya coast
* One of the largest, contiguous, and titled beachfront properties along the Laiya coast

Nearby Destinations
* Kabayan Beach Resort
* White Cove Resort
* Virgin Beach Resort
* Blue Coral Beach Resort
* Aquatico Beach Resort
* Balai sa Laiya Beach Resort
* La Luz Beach Resort
* Palm Beach Resort
* Costa de Madeira
Project Proponents
* Developer: Landco Pacific Corporation
* Landowner: Aplaya Laiya Corporation
* Masterplanner: SC&A / PGAA
* Engineering Consultant: DCCD Engineering Corporation 


1. Where is Playa Laiya?
Playa Laiya is located at Barangay Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas. It is approximately 125 kilometers or 2 hours 30 minutes drive from Metro Manila. 

2. Who is the developer of Playa Laiya?
The developer of Playa Laiya is Landco Pacific Corporation.

3. Who is the Landowner of Playa Laiya?

The landowner of Playa Laiya is Aplaya Laiya Corporation.

4. Who are the designers of the community?

Playa Laiya is a fully integrated masterplanned community. Its consultants include:
• Masterplanning: Paolo G. Alcazaren and Associates, Santos, Caguinguin and Associates
• Architectural Design: Jorge Yulo Architects and Associates
• Landscaping Design: EAAurelio Landscape Architects
• Engineering Design: DCCD Engineering Consultants
• Geodetic Surveying: MAPCON Survey and Construction

5. What makes Playa Laiya different from other Second Homes in Batangas?
Playa Laiya can be distinctly differentiated from other Second Homes in Batangas in terms of Product Concept, Location, and Product Quality.

In terms of Project Concept, Playa Laiya has a unique concept and theme wherein it integrates an Asian Tropical Contemporary Residential Resort Subdivision with a Leisure-Tourism Estate. Other developments employ a club membership scheme wherein lot owners have to but a country club share and pay monthly membership dues for the use of its amenities. In Playa Laiya, residents will only have to pay village association dues for the maintenance of the village and its amenities. Exclusive village amenities such as pools, bathhouses, and parks will be operated by the Village Association.

On the other hand, commercial operations such as dining establishments, accommodations facilities, and merchant outlets shall be located at the Leisure-Tourism Estate. These establishments shall be offered to 3rd party commercial locators who specialize in these types of services.

The second level of distinction is its beach. Playa Laiya is located on a contiguous 7 kilometer white sand shoreline with diverse marine life and a growing beachside community.

Lastly, as in its other projects, Landco focuses on the quality of the product it delivers. Therefore, one can expect top quality design and service for its valued clients.

6. How is Playa Laiya similar and also different in Playa Calatagan?
The “Playa” brand is what makes the two developments similar. In terms of concept, both offer an integrated Second Home Residential Resort Subdivision and Leisure Tourism development, with similar amenities and land development specifications. There may be differences in terms lot packages and price but both have the same brand that offers similar lifestyle experiences.

Amongst its differences are: size of development, location, and level commercialism. In terms of size, Playa Calatagan is 92 hectares while Playa Laiya is 144 hectares. Playa Calatagan covers a little less than a kilometer or beach frontage while Playa Laiya controls almost 2 kilometers.

Location is also considered a major difference. Laiya is in the south-east side of Batangas facing Tayabas Bay which opens towards the Pacific Ocean while Calatagan is in the opposite south-west side facing the South China Sea.

In terms of commercialism, the Laiya area may be considered more advanced with the abundance of resorts along its 7 kilometer shoreline. The Calatagan area, on the other hand, is a more secluded community given the privacy of the Calatagan peninsula.
7. What is the average lot cut?
Playa Laiya offers 208- 700 square meter lot cuts.

8. How much are the association dues?
PhP 6.50 per square meter.

9. Who can use the ameniies?
Ownership of village amenities is a function of the formal turnover of the property by the Developer to the Village Association.

Thus, ownership of the amenities prior to turnover belongs to the Developer. The Developer may prudently implement rules, guidelines, and rates it deems fit and necessary for the proper function and maintenance of the amenities before the turnover. It may also be used by anyone the Developer deems fit for it to be used.

After the turnover, the ownership of the village amenities is turned over to the Village Association. The Village Association will then charge association dues and rates, impose rules and guidelines it sees fit for the proper operation of its facilities and amenities. Only village owners and their accompanied guest may use the facilities, unless otherwise allowed by the Village Association.

10. When was the project launched?
Playa Laiya was launched last April 19, 2008.